Our coverage of the 2017 DEMA show in Orlando! 


Ronny Roskosch from SEABOB tells us his amazing experience with Stuart Cove's Dive Bahamas and how it led to one of his all time favorite dives!


Cracked up laughing at Meridian Adventures DEMA Show booth! Check them out! Tremendous fun!


William Engstrom takes some time out to highlight his Gladius Submersible Drone. We've gotten to know these guys pretty well at DEMA Show. Great crew and this drone is a lot of fun to drive!


Hanging with Stuart Cove of Stuart Cove's Dive Bahamas at DEMA Show. We had a blast diving here during our 2017 trip to The Bahamas!!!


Dräger shows us their recreational full face mask along with some stuff most divers can't buy.... Sweet!


Hanging out with Visit Pensacola and Captain Tim of Viking Diving. They run regular trips to the world's largest artificial reef - The Oriskany. Take a look at all Pensacola, Florida has to offer! DEMA Show


iBubble camera creator Benjamin Valtin shows us the world's ONLY autonomous underwater drone!!!!!


Fourth Element OceanPositive founder Jim Standing tells us how they got their start in the quarries of the southern UK. Awesome and thoughtful guy! DEMA Show 2017.


Fourth Element OceanPositive shows off their new X CORE undergarment designed to keep divers toasty warm on those colder dives. Special thanks to one of UW's watchers Bart VanderAa for suggesting we check out this out! DEMA Show


Hanging out with 360Rize at DEMA Show where we talk 360 video under water!


Darkwater Vision shows us the latest infrared tech that let's you see clearly in stained water. Unbelievable!


We got to test drive the Hoverstar Aquajet H2 DEMA Show 2017! This thing is way cool


Talking with The History of Diving Museum at DEMA Show 2017


Ocean Technology Systems shows us the new Spectrum full face mask and the Guardian masks we have been using on our adventures. Thanks OTS!


Look what's going on at STINAPA Bonaire! The reefs have been protected since 1975 and are said to be some of the best in the world as a result. Thanks for talking with us!


Tom Leaird of Scuba Educators International and PDIC at dema2017 tells us what's coming up!


Ellison Kyere of Visit Solomon Islands chats with us about what makes their islands such a special place for divers and non divers alike at DEMA Show!


Belinda Botha of Dive Munda and Wes Kozak of Solomon Islands Dive Experience are taking scuba divers out on some killer adventures! Take a look!


Professional mermaid certification? Yes! Professional Mermaid Instructors Association shows people how to live undah Tha sea!


Yovanny Fiallos tells us about Honduras and the 2017 number dive site in the Caribbean!!! DEMA Show 2017

Goby Divers tells us about Curacao diving at DEMA Show!


We were very excited to hang out with Culebra Divers from Culebra, Puerto Rico at DEMA Show. Even though they were hit hard by the hurricane, they are ready to get back out and keep diving.Here's their story.


Coral Divers is the place to be in Curacao. Caremi Eckardt shares her favorite dive sites and why you should put them on your short list! DEMA Show 2017.


Best Western Crystal River Resort owners tell us all about manatee kisses and how National Geographic got their #manatee story right off the dock in Crystal River, Florida.


Talking with Women Divers Hall of Fame at DEMA Show 2017


Talking with Aquaworld Cancun at DEMA Show 2017.


Bigblue Dive Lights came recommended from Scuba North in Traverse City, Michigan. Erin Boone gives us the rundown on her faves and shows off their 33k lumen light!


SLYMI creator Charity Burton Paschall shows us her solutions to make scubagear easier to wiggle into.


NEDU Navy Experimental Diving Unit at DEMA Show!!! The guys take a minute with us to share their mission and what they're up to at dema 2017.


Nanight shows off what brought them to DEMA Show. Thanks to Ulf Backudd for letting us check out these lights!


Fourth Element OceanPositive co founder Jim Standing takes over the camera and interviews us! Here's a little clip about how we got started at www.underwater.world and how we ended up at DEMA Show #dema2017. Thanks, Jim!


Kelptree founder Mike Nelson is linking dive opportunities with divers....and much more.

Voice in the Sea at DEMA Show 2017 showing off their underwater narrator!


Franko Maps & Guides VP Mike Kline helps dive sites give their #divers #underwater illustrations to plan and navigate their dives. He's also a huge Philadelphia Eagles fan!


Aquabotix tell us about their underwater camera systems and who's using them. Awesome tech!


Navatics Technology Limited at DEMA Show telling us about their cool new tech


Dive+ killing the game with their new app and underwater smart phone tech! DivePlus Kang Veonax Liu DEMA Show You can download their awesome color restoration app for free at www.dive.plus