Disney World Aquarium Dive - Epcot


Our buddy, Mark, invited us out to do the Disney aquarium dive at Epcot last year. He was in town with his family and generously extended the offer to crash his vacay for an awesome experience underwater. Unfortunately for us, we had already planned a trip north to visit family and we just couldn’t make it happen. Bummer, man.

So, finally…we made the trip. The Epcot aquarium was our first dive this year. In fact, it broke a 133 day surface interval. We are not proud of this by the way but we tell it like it is. So we fought traffic.


Three hours later for our projected two hour trip. We get there with 15 minutes to spare. It was a Friday and the snow birds and early spring breakers make navigating the roads a little trickier (and slower, painfully slower) than usual. But we made it.

Our group was awesome! Our tour guide was awesome! The dive was awesome! Eagle rays and stingrays. Guitarfish. Reef sharks, hammerheads, bonnet heads, and sand tiger sharks. Tons of fish. An enormous sea turtle brushed her fin on my thigh while we were gearing up. A little fresh for the first date but I was game.

One of the coolest parts of this dive was actually being a part of someone else’s Disney experience. Wow, was that fun! We played rock, paper, scissors with the kids and waved at the families eating dinner. The aquarium forms the major wall for the fine dining experience. People took our pictures and we had a blast making their Disney days even more magical.

Better believe in it, folks. This dive really was magical. It had all the beautiful critters you’d wanna see and everyone there is looking for a little magic. The good vibes flowing through the place really made it special. People just being excellent to each other, as it should be.

This is one for the books. See for yourself!