The Scuba Machine


Are you sure ol’ Jacques done it this way?

We can’t help but ask. Ben and I have our reasons for not being dive pros. You can read about them. There’s a formula to SCUBA. Just like pop country. Verse, chorus, verse. Fiddle, banjo, steel guitar. OW certification. Advanced. You’ve come this far, diver. Why settle for master diver when you could be a DIVEMASTER and make money from your passion? Then assistant instructor and on up. Maybe you’re a REAL adventurer. A true convert. A dyed in the wool badass. There are underwater caves, you know...and don’t forget the magnificent nothingness at 100 meters!

There’s nothing wrong with any of that. We just find it odd that there’s not a whole lot of innovation in the industry. At every turn, it’s the next certification, the next trip, the next gadget, the next…. Hey, man! Let’s just hop in and get wet alright? Let’s kick around on the bottom and play with the fish and hang out by the reefs. Let’s enjoy what brought us here in the first place. THEN, let’s share it with others so they can see for themselves what goes on beneath the surface.

We love when we see amateur SCUBA video online. It takes a great deal of courage to put your work out there and share your sport with the world! Sharing the underwater world is what this thing is all about. It also takes a great amount of fortitude to ask strangers on the internet for diving advice. Unfortunately, the online dive communities are rife with zealots who can’t understand why someone would do something any differently than them. We need to be excellent to each other. Support those new divers! Support the next generation of SCUBA leaders. Show them by your excellent example how to carry the torch - and pass it when they fall.

...and where’s the original content guys? This is the 2010’s baby. Top ten lists are getting old. We need some substance. What happened on the dive? How did it make you feel? Who was with you? Only people who do what you do care about your gear and which camera and which lens. The rest of the world wants to FEEL it. They want to live your adventure. They have to get goosebumps thinking about the impossibly cold water. A little apprehension has to grip their throats envisioning the dark swirls. Muscles ache after leaning into their screens, imagining those first moments when you splashed beneath the waves to bring things unseen into the light.

Diving is adventure and magic. It makes you a better person. It lets you see through to the soul of the world.You meet wonderful people and share the best of times. Your life is filled with the higher things as you explore what lies below. The camaraderie grows out of shared experience and the knowledge that there is more to the world than meets the eye. That is SCUBA. And that is what keeps us coming back.

Be excellent to each other.