Untold Diving


It’s easy to forget what the full color spectrum of diving looks like. When most people think of SCUBA, they conjure up images of the Caribbean or Southeast Asia. Sandy beaches and crystal clear water. Who doesn’t? 

But all over the world, in quiet little spots you’ve never heard of, people are diving. And not only are these people diving, but they dive ALOT. I knew this of course, and you may know it too. I was one of them. My first year diving, 90% of them were in the same rock quarry an hour and 15 minutes from my house. Sure I dove many other places, but that one was home. 


Maybe you wouldn’t think there was much to talk about, diving the same old spots over and over again. Hanging out with the small group of like minded divers week after week and month after month. Over time though, you realize it’s not the diving that calls you back, it’s your friends. It’s the way that group makes you FEEL. 


These groups exist all over the world. Every single body of water a diver has been to and declared serviceable has a family of divers gathered around it. Every group shares the bond of the dive. Every dive has a story. 

With that being said, one of our new friends at underwater.world is Martin Pospisil from Duchcov, Czech Republic. He reached out to us on Facebook and told us about some of his adventures diving Central Europe. Hearing him talk about Neptune Divers and reading his blog made us feel right at home. Like we’ve been diving with them for years. 

So here is another strand in the beautiful tapestry woven together by our collective efforts as divers. Your story is our story, Martin! Thank you!