Jupiter, Florida Diving and How it Came to Be

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A huge benefit to being connected with the dive community is people reaching out to tell us their stories and inviting us to dive. Dustin McCabe of Florida Scuba Charters is one example and you can watch his story here.

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Dustin was kind enough to take us out on his boat and show off the beauty of east coast Florida diving. There was a lot to see and we barely scratched the surface!

When we drove out to the boat, we were certain we would get stormed out. It was pouring rain and flashing lightning. I called Dustin and he assured me the weather would clear out in 45 minutes and seas would lay down. I looked at Ben and said good luck to this captain’s next job because he may be on his way out of this one....but I turned out to be dead wrong! By the time we pulled in, the rain quit and the wind stopped blowing. Not only did the seas lay down, but it was almost to the minute! Nobody on the crew was surprised at Dustin’s accuracy and there were whispers about the captain who has wizard-like insight into the weather patterns of the area.

So here’s the first segment in our Jupiter installment. We hope you enjoy it. Take some time to look us up on Facebook and as always: Be Excellent to Each Other!