The Turtles of Ginnie Springs

During our trip to Ginnie Springs, we got to do something I’ve always wanted: swim with snapping turtles. Growing up in Indiana, I fished all the time. I fished so much, it wasn’t uncommon for me to reach in the tackle box for a bobber, hook, or sinker and have nothing left.

As time went on, I accidentally hooked my first snapper. When we pulled him out of the muddy water, he was none too happy with the hook in his mouth. Snapping turtles have a reputation for being crotchety and a little mean. When properly motivated, they can lunge a few inches off the ground and three feet forward. They have also been known to climb chain link fencing.

Over the years, I always wished for the opportunity to see what it was like for them under the surface. Finally, it came. Let us know what you think!