Be Excellent to Each Other

This is what defines diving for us. From day one, we have been surrounded by the finest people the dive world has to offer. Our questions were handled with patience and a knowing grin. Our enthusiasm gently reigned in by experience. Our fears and discomforts tempered by steady resolve.

As time went on, we took advanced courses and learned more. We certainly learned more about how little we know. We spent time with the local dive club. Our group of divers became good friends. A tiny microcosm of the dive community nestled in the unlikeliest of places in the heartland.

It continued further. We were suddenly helping with new divers and answering questions. Swapping out gear at the quarry and working as officers in our little dive club. Traveling with the regulars on the annual trips and truly enjoying what this sport offers.

All of these wonderful experiences are a direct result of being excellent to each other. Giving other people your best. Being willing to receive it. Opening yourself up to the experience.

It gets talked about a lot. The concept has lent itself to industry jargon and buzzwords that end up being void of the intended message.

When we got out and started doing our thing, we realized that not everyone gets the same experience we had. We’ve met some of the finest people around. We've also met some folks who just don't “get it.”

So we ask you divers, instructors, shop owners, boat operators: be excellent to each other. Remember what brought you here and what brings us together. Be kind and be patient. Work every day to make the sport better. Be open to new ways of thinking. Be excellent to each other in every way. See you soon.