Is Freshwater Ruined?

Ben and I both had 100 freshwater dives under our belts before we hopped in the drink and did our first saltwater dives. During that time, we got to hear other divers stories and their opinions on the quality of the ocean dives they had experienced. Some people rarely dive freshwater or low visibility sites after they’ve seen perfect conditions. Others still dive both but have a strong preference for one or the other. We’ve even had a couple people tell us that freshwater diving would be ruined after we dove the Bahamas!

The day after we touched down from the Bahamas, we went back out to our home quarry in Muncie, Indiana and spent 30 minutes kicking around in 12 feet of viz. We needed to wash the salt out of our gear and figured a dive would be the easiest way. Did we miss the Bahamas? You bet we did. But it’s our opinion that comparing the two is like asking which of our kids is the favorite.

We don’t mind bad visibility. There are some days where we draw the line and say It’s just not worth the effort of squeezing into neoprene when we can lay around in the sunshine. By and large though, we are diving!

And of course you already know, we really get into some of the tougher dives as well. Cold and dark and low viz. Why? Because it makes us better divers. The more comfortable you are, the better those perfect dives seem to go and the better able you are to manage anything that goes wrong.

Freshwater can be as clear as the best ocean viz and the ocean can have terrible viz like a mud bottom lake. So is freshwater ruined? Not by a long shot. You can bet we’ll be out there, just seeing what we can see!