The Bahamas, Part 3

This is the last installment of our trip to the Bahamas and we hope you’ve enjoyed the ride! On our last full day, we had two dive sites left. The first would be Sand Chute again so we could check it out during the daylight. I’m sure glad we did.

It started with the now familiar breakfast routine and gear assembly on the boat. Well, I forgot my wetsuit so apparently not familiar enough! With the water at 86 degrees, gym shorts turned out to be just fine. We anchored at the same spot where we did our night dive and hit the water. This time, we followed the chute down over the wall and spent some time swimming along the ridge. Now, Ben had handed over the camera rig as he had pretty much been stuck living the last few dives through the viewfinder. Being a good dive buddy, I volunteered to take my first real crack at running the big camera.

There was so much life on this reef. It was what we came to see. We saw lobster as soon as we hit the bottom. Schools of fish and lots of activity. A sea turtle came up out of the trench and floated around the 80 foot mark for a minute before heading up to the surface. What an awesome sight!

Tooling along at 100 feet or so, I spotted a reef shark patrolling the wall about 15 feet below me. He had an eye on me as he swam passed but didn’t see our divemaster, Ricardo until it was too late. By the time he realized there was another bubble blower, he was stuck with swimming between Ricardo and the wall which turned out to be an pretty cool experience for both of us.

The second dive was just as good as the first. We stayed shallower and just swam around on the reef. They call this one Pumpkin Patch since there’s a lot of orange coral in the area. The sun was hitting everything just right and there were fish and sharks everywhere. There was so much to see, it was hard to pick what I wanted to point the camera at!

As with all dives, the air ran low and safety stops loomed. With a little sadness, we broke the surface and climbed back in the boat. The trip back to Stuart Cove’s was just too short.

Back at Orange Hill, we set our gear out to dry and hung out by the pool for the rest of the day. After a good night’s sleep, we packed up and had a good breakfast. After that though, the rest of the trip was just waiting around for our flight at the airport. Ben and I chatted the whole way back from Fort Lauderdale about what we would do with all the video we took - and now here is the rest!