The Bahamas at Night

After our wonderful shark dives, we were excited to see how things changed at night. As the sun set, we were on our way back out to a site called Sand Chute. We finished sliding into our wetsuits just as we arrived and set anchor. Allie and Ricardo gave us our site briefing while we donned our gear. The sunset faded to black, the stars came out, and we splashed!

It was dark enough that we needed our lights immediately so everybody switched on and headed for the bottom. Sand Chute is just what it sounds like: a narrow strip of sand that starts out wide and narrows as it descends. If you follow it down, it takes you to the tongue of the Atlantic which drops off at the 80 foot mark down and down into the deep blue abyss.

We spent this trip meandering around on the coral seeing what we could see. On the way back to our boat, I swam out from the group a bit and turned my light off. With an eye on my depth gauge, I flapped my hand out in the water and watched the bioluminescence spark in the dark water. The GoPro went the way of its ancestors at the James Bond site, so no video. But it was neat. You’ll just have to take my word for it!     : )