Between 2 and 10

There’s something kinda spooky about viz between two and ten feet. When viz is zero you just feel around and kick and discover things as they come. Ten feet and over, the discovery process is a product of the kick and glide. But when it’s somewhere in between and the sun isn’t overhead, things are in that weird little spot that they sort of surprise you.

Out at Philip's Quarry when the viz is like this, you can just be kicking along and seeing nothing. All of a sudden, bam! There's the plane. Or eight feet of the fuselage anyway.

It’s just a bit spooky knowing that you’re sharing the water with everything that calls the quarry home - and they can’t see you either….. until you practically swim into each other. We did just that last summer when we encountered a paddlefish swimming right at us. I don’t know who was more startled, us or him!

We felt like we should bring this topic up because everyone new to diving feels this way at one point or another. It’s irrational and silly, but we feel it anyway. Nothing in the quarry is going to come after you and the dives will be a blast.

When the viz is downright terrible, you can’t see anyway, so there is not enough visual feedback to let your mind wander. When it’s over ten feet, you feel like you have a pretty good idea what lies ahead and your mind doesn’t tell you stories. But when it’s in between…. Well, you know. : )