The Bahamas Part 2

There was an option to do additional afternoon dives during our trip and we wanted to take advantage if possible. The first day of diving was a no go on the extras. The seas were relatively rough that day and Ben and Kalie were a little queasy. I was too, after watching a couple of our group leaning over the rails and feeding the fish. By the time we had our second dive in though, I knew we’d be heading for shore. We hung out around the pool and got a good night’s sleep.

After a light breakfast on morning two, we were off to Stuart Cove’s for a full day of diving. Two dives before noon, then our two tank shark dives after lunch. The Dramamine doses were adjusted accordingly….

I was particularly excited because we got to start our morning with a wall dive. After a couple of these, I was pretty much convinced that any wall dive is a good dive to me. Don’t get me wrong, I love the wrecks and underwater features just the same but if I had to pick, I’d start with the walls. Lots of coral that changes at different depths, different critters, and the opportunity to look out into deep blue nothing. Way cool.

Tunnel Wall is what they call this one due to the many natural openings that things can hide in and divers can swim through. Swim throughs and a wall dive!

Part 2-23.jpg

Our second dive of the day was James Bond. They shot part of “Thunderball” here as the skeletal remains of the plane and ship bear witness at this site. There is a small forest of pvc trees where they are growing coral to be transplanted to different reefs around the area.

We headed back to shore so we could grab lunch. Everybody felt good today. Well, almost everyone. Ben was still a little queasy but was feeling better than the day before. We docked and moved our gear to another boat for the shark dives that afternoon.

Over a lunch of pbj sandwiches, it was brought to our attention that we could do a night dive if we had enough people interested in going. We had enough. Most of us didn’t want to miss out on it!

The shark dives were awesome! Enough said there.  But what about the night dive? Stay tuned...