Just off the Dock

As divers, It’s easy to get caught up in the big destination trips and the deep dives on ocean walls. We may think about the reefs brimming with life and the hours spent underwater communing with it. There is so much to be seen that we can kind of get lost in it. We are so excited to go out and see it all that we sometimes make it harder than it has to be.

During a recent trip to Haigh Quarry, we rolled in and descended to about 15 feet to start our swim out to the buoy marking an old fire truck sitting on the bottom in about 50 feet of water. We weren’t 20 feet into the swim before finding ourselves in a large school of bluegill! Ben had our new camera rig and this being its inaugural dive, couldn’t get it to cooperate. I was carrying the Go Pro and quickly realized a button had been pressed and the camera was in playback mode. Our efforts frustrated, we just enjoyed the view before finding the rope to lead us down to the pumper truck where we fixed our settings and continued the dive plan.

Our third dive at Haigh, we chose to explore the cove between the two docks where divers can enter and exit the water. Again we quickly found ourselves surrounded by bluegill. This was the biggest school of them we have encountered so far and they were all hand size or better. We played with them for almost 45 minutes and didn't have to travel. We and they were perfectly content to hang out in 20 feet of water and enjoy each other.

On our way back to the dock we found two channel cats and a flathead. Each one was over two feet in length and well fed. Just off the dock!

At a recent dive in Philip’s Quarry, we shot this video in ten feet of water….

The more we dive, the more we realize that some of the coolest stuff happens as soon as you hit the water. You really don't need to go far or dive deep to see all you want and have a great dive. Don’t rush off to the bottom. Take your time and let the dive happen for you!