Gilboa Quarry

Feeling desperate to get out of the office sometime back in June, Ben and I decided to take a day off the week of Independence Day. We settled on that Friday and chose Gilboa Quarry in Ohio as the site of our next dive destination.

Ben had already been to Gilboa once on a recent trip. Some of the pictures he came back with were pretty unbelievable. The visibility was excellent and they have plenty of features to check out. Needless to say, it made the waiting game that much harder to play.

We pulled out of my driveway around 7am and hit McDonald's for the usual breakfast. The drive took three hours and we were hungry again when we pulled off the interstate near Gilboa. We grabbed some Subway and traveled the last 25 minutes or so to the Quarry.

When you first pull in, you’re greeted by a yard full of old boats, cars, and a plane or two. I didn't get a chance to ask for sure but they must be destined for the bottom of Gilboa at some point in the future. The structure that houses the dive shop is incredibly tall and they've set up a rock climb on one side. It is actually part of the old quarry processing facility.

It was a quiet morning and it took us a few minutes to find somebody to take our money. Luckily, they had the waivers sitting out on clipboards, so I busied myself with that project until they arrived. Check in was smooth and easy. They sell a variety of things at the shop in case you forgot something and food for the fish, if you plan to feed the trout and bass that hang out by the school bus.

We paid a little extra to park near the floating docks which is way worth it. The only other folks out there were three divers in a camper. We only saw them once on our three dives and basically had the place to ourselves. Sweet!

We blew through a tank each dive while we took video of the helicopter, plane, boats, cars, and fish. Gilboa is a diver's playground! Huge suspended training platforms, tons of features, and depths to satisfy beginners all the way to the tech diving crowd. We stayed in the shallower area where most of the features are. This shallower area is wide open and there is a distinct ledge where it drops to a much greater depth - around 130ft at its deepest.

Visibility was excellent as you can see and the fish are used to being fed. Super friendly! We will definitely have to visit this one again. Ben and I love it so much, we are considering season passes 😎