Perfect Conditions

Last weekend we planned a trip to Natural Springs Resort in New Paris, Ohio. The week leading up to it was long, frustrating, and endless. Just an awful week all around. When Saturday finally showed up, it came with gray skies and hard rain. Not the best start to a weekend of diving. The rain doesn’t hurt the dives much but it sure makes the drive miserable. 

We had a few stops to make first, but by 11am we were on the way and anxious to get in the water. The rain came down in sheets and it was so bad in spots we had to check our speed a little. After tough driving and a food stop we finally rolled through the gates at Natural Springs. The quarry isn’t hard to miss. It’s pretty big and even has a large sandy beach along one side. We rounded the curve and there must have been 40 divers on site with a group of ten or so already in the water! 

The sun wasn’t out yet but it had stopped raining somewhere just off the Indiana line. We headed up to check in and sign our waivers. This was a two pager front and back and even warned about zealous fish. Ben and I looked at each other a little funny on that one before signing. I figured I’d take my chances with the fish. Turns out there were some zealous fish after all!

By the time we paid our dues, most of the morning divers had packed up and left. The group of ten had returned from their last dive of the day and their instructors were giving them a few final pointers as we assembled our gear and slid in over the side. 

Here’s some highlights from the day. As you can see, conditions were pretty darn good overall. Water temp in the 60’s with solid viz. The sun came out and joined us too. Even after a grey, rainy morning and a less than ideal week, it turned out to be a great day of diving. Some of the best we have done since the start of winter. The moral of the story is that you never know how the conditions will be once you get there. So don’t wait for it to be perfect, just go dive…. Sometimes perfect will meet you there.