24 Hours

Last Sunday, I rolled over the 24 hour mark. A full day spent beneath the surface. It seems like I’ve been diving for much longer than I have which is just under eleven months.

In that time, I’ve noticed some changes. Changes in how I view the world and changes in myself. In diving you have to breathe. Losing control and taking short shallow breaths or holding it can hurt or kill you. So you have to relax. I love that. A physical activity that allows you complete immersion in nature and requires you to relax and be in the moment. Over time this starts to overlap with daily life - and who doesn’t want that?

When you decide to get certified, you have these ideas in your head about the sport that may or may not be true. You might put limits on where you will and won’t dive. You might think you can’t do it because you’re uncomfortable in the water, claustrophobic, afraid of the ocean or quarries, or you don’t like things touching your face. EVERYBODY FEELS THIS WAY. Everybody has at least some apprehension when they’re sitting on top, ready to descend into the unknown. A good instructor will help you overcome these fears. Continuing to dive allows you to manage and eventually conquer them.

The same decision led us here to Underwater.World. It led me to new friends and new experiences. It got me outside in the winter time to play in cold water. It’s taking me to the Bahamas later this year. It will continue to lead me down paths and open doors I’d only dreamed about. Diving isn’t really about the diving. It’s not about the gear or the visibility or the depth. It’s about you.

Everybody talks about the trips they want to take and the sights they want to see. They talk about hobbies they would have and the things they would do if they only had more time or more money. The truth is that we all get 24 hours in a day. How you spend it is up to you. The only faraway isle many will ever see is “someday I’ll”....

Whatever gets you out there is most important. Whatever brings out more of the best in you. It doesn’t have to be diving. Venturing into anything new that makes you take on a new perspective develops you as a person. Even if you never do it again. I knew right away diving would change things. I just didn’t know it would lead me here.

Lest I sound like I know what I’m talking about, I’m certainly not a “good” diver yet. A day underwater isn’t that much. I’m only 62 dives in and most have been relatively short. I haven’t dove any exotic locales yet and I’ve never been on a liveaboard. I guess I’m here to say none of that matters. I’ll get there eventually. Diving is one of the only things where I have found this to be true - it’s about the road, not the inn. The journey-not the destination.

To many more adventures.