Quarries are Gross, Right?

For those of you who have been with us awhile, I hope we’ve shown they aren’t!

Everyone who asks me about diving in freshwater says one of two things: “Visibility must suck.” Or “That’s gross.” At first glance that might seem true. My first question was about visibility as well. Guilty. The reality though is that it depends. We dove quite a bit at Philips Outdoor Center in Muncie. That was our “Home” site in Indiana. Visibility varies wildly from 18 inches to 50 feet and often varies with depth.  Most of the dives we’ve logged this year were between 15 and 35 feet in visibility with the average being over 20 feet. This is just fine! For recreational divers who want to get wet and have some fun, there is plenty to do and see even when conditions aren’t “perfect.” As for quarries being gross, they usually aren’t. Dive sites are maintained and kept clean for the most part and you aren’t swimming in a pool of yuck and muck and empty beer cans.

It’s often repeated throughout the dive community that if you can dive the midwest year round, you can dive anywhere. The visibility challenges, temperature variation, and variety of dive situations make better divers of those willing to sharpen their skills. Becoming a better diver makes the “perfect” dives even more enjoyable.

Quarry dives have been awesome to us. The challenges and rewards they provide have made us better and made our dives more fun. Things aren’t always tough in these spots either. Visibility is rumored to be close to 100 feet in winter below the ice and of course we’ll keep you updated as we have those adventures.

If you’re looking for a place to go that’s inexpensive and a blast, you shouldn’t need to look much farther than one of your local spots. There are plenty of opportunities to meet other divers and hear their stories and they can be a lot closer than you think. Keep an eye out for some of them here at Underwater.World. Here are a few clips from the quarries we have visited this year.