DEMA 2017

This year we were fortunate enough to score media passes to the Diving Equipment and Marketing Association trade show in Orlando, Florida. It was a dive professionals only event not open to the public so we knew we had to get some inside info for all of guys out there in the

It ran Wednesday through Saturday at the Orlando Convention Center and let me tell you, this show is huge. We ran around non stop for four days straight and didn’t get to see everything! On the final afternoon, we were absolutely ragged from all the action. We learned about remote operated vehicles like Gladius and iBubble. We talked about trips with folks from Curacao, Raja Ampat, Colombia, the Solomon Islands, and the ice caps. People told us stories about their favorite dives and dive sites. We even got to play in the pool with the Hoverstar Aquajet Dive H2!

The founders and CEO’s of some of our favorite gear manufacturers were there. OTS, Shearwater, Aqualung, ScubaPro. All the big names. The guys at Fourth Element and their story was definitely a highlight. Of course, hanging out with Stuart Cove and his team was as much fun here as it was in the Bahamas.

Row after row of SCUBA gear, accessories, travel, maps, software, social media apps… you name it. There was truly something there for everybody. We just wish we’d had more time to take it all in. 

All told, we really, really enjoyed ourselves and are super excited to be able to share it all with you. Let us know what you enjoyed most! Check out our DEMA page for all the interviews (37 of them!) or view them all in a playlist below. There's something for everyone!

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