The Keuka

Al Capone. A floating Prohibition speakeasy complete with dance floor. A quiet getaway on Charlevoix that kept its secrets during a time when secrets had to be kept. “The Keuka” has a reputation and a story that precedes it.

Our second day of diving with Towboat US took us out to her final resting place. She’s a good size wooden boat supposedly owned by Al Capone resting in 50 feet or so of freshwater. The back end is the only portion of the boat not still intact. Somebody wanted one of the props, so they dynamited them both off after Prohibition ended and Al Capone was behind bars. T

What a fantastic dive site! The wooden boat is largely intact with tons of huge bass and walleye calling it home. Bluegill and crappie are all over this thing and local fisherman take advantage. There are several large openings in the deck where a properly trained diver can drop in and scope out the innards. The bow of the ship holds some interesting mechanical relics, along with a lot of crappie. Visibility usually runs between 20 and 100 feet depending on what time of year you visit. The best viz can be had during the annual ice dive. The locals drive their vehicles out on the ice and cut an access hole. How cool is that?

If you get a chance, add this dive to your list. Captain John will take you to “The Elizabeth” and “The Keuka” in the same trip. “The Keuka” is good for multiple dives. You could really spend a lot of time on this one. We were very happy with the two dives we got to spend at this site and of course, we are suckers for a great story.