Hello Underwater.World!

“The Guys Who Turn Over Every Rock Looking for the Quiet Local Dive Adventures”

We started diving in May of 2016 and we can’t stop. We’ll be spending our free time sharing our adventures, telling stories, interviewing other divers, playing around, and shooting tons of underwater video. Here’s 2016 in 60 seconds...

We’ll be writing about our experiences and you’ll be able to see first hand the ups and downs, the good and bad, the best and the worst. We are hunting down the quiet local spots - the hidden gems. We want to bring out the stories and the sights that don’t make headlines. Don’t worry, we don’t discriminate. There will be plenty of trips and traveling; freshwater and saltwater; reefs and wrecks; quarries and springs; mines, aquariums and places no one ever thought they would dive. From pristine blue oceans to the cold inky shadows of your local quarry, every dive has a story and we are out to tell them all.

We’re just getting started. Every dive shows us just how much we have to learn and see and do. We want to share the lessons as they happen. Stay tuned to see what 2017 brings and enjoy our Underwater.World! 

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