Why We Don’t Talk About Gear

Scuba Tank A.png

When Ben and I decided to start sharing the Underwater World with everyone, we decided not to talk about gear. You can buy it anywhere. Dive with it and keep what you like. Dive with it more than once before you decide you really don’t like something too! We want to bring the Underwater World experience to you, tell the stories, and meet the characters. Gear is but a small part of the story.

My military days are behind me, but there is a world full of guys and gals that love to debate the pros and cons of every single piece of equipment that goes into the field with them. Rightfully so! It can be a life and death decision, a space and weight consideration, and an operational requirement. 

Divers are a passionate group about their gear for the same reasons as above. There are plenty of places to debate the merits of gear A vs gear B. For those who just want to get wet, explore and experience the adventure of our Underwater World, we don’t need to be agonizing about which hose clip to use or even which style buoyancy compensator or regulator to dive. We were advised as new divers to just go out and dive! Gear is really secondary for recreational divers. Dive and try gear for yourselves. Seek gear advise from trusted advisers, friends, and teachers, but determine what you like based upon your own experience. The reality is that it does not matter what gear your dive, only that it works for you, that you come home breathing, and that you get out and dive.

We want you to see that diving can be fun, affordable, relaxing, and a way to live in the world that’s unlike any other place we normally experience in our lives. We want you to learn things about yourself, about other divers, and about the world. We want you to hear the stories of the guys and gals who have been diving longer than we’ve been alive and the stories of folks who are just starting out. We want diving to be more than something you do on a cruise or vacation (which you should do by the way!) So that’s why we’re here. Nothing wrong with the occasional gear discussion (we have an entire series coming on Ben's experience becoming a drysuit diver coming up), we just don’t want to let it overwhelm the wonders and experience of the stories of the Underwater World.

If you are a diver, dive where you are, with the gear that works for you, and ENJOY the wonders of this thing we do called scuba. Look for your own stories (and share them with us in the comments!). For those considering diving, please don't worry about the dizzying array of equipment. Give it a try. Find your local dive shop and try SCUBA. Take your first breath underwater. It will rock your world, no matter what gear you use.