About Us

Welcome to Underwater.World! We are couple of guys who live in Indiana and are mildly obsessed with all things diving. 

We became certified open water divers on Memorial Day in 2016. By December, we had both logged 50+ dives without leaving the state of Indiana. We discovered early that there was another world waiting to be discovered and stories to be told.

By the end of July, we knew we had to tell those stories, find the hidden gems of the diving world, answer the questions of new divers, and show people how accessible diving is to everyone.

So we came up with underwater.world where we will document our adventures in diving. We won’t hold anything back about the lessons we learn and the people we meet. We will share the good and the bad, the things that go right and the lessons we learn as we become better divers. We are looking forward to sharing the fun as we get wet and we hope to see you out there as well!