Who we are...

Cam and Ben at DEMA 2017

Cam and Ben at DEMA 2017

We are Ben and Cam. We appreciate you taking time to stop in at www.underwater.world!

Back in early 2016, we completed separate open water SCUBA classes and drove out to an old rock quarry in Muncie, IN to complete our first dives. Those first trips in the chilly water opened our eyes to a new world – and we hadn’t even left the state! We quickly found ourselves swept up and carried along in the current of our local dive community where we heard the accounts of everyday people whose lives had been changed forever by breathing underwater. By the end of July, we knew we had to tell those stories, find the hidden gems of the diving world, and share it all along the way.  Would you like us to tell yours?




What we do...

We are story tellers who share the humanity, wonders, and beauty of the underwater world with everyone, divers and non-divers alike. This blog chronicles our exploits and holds nothing back from our journey to seek out the faces behind the diving and narrate their personal legends. The diving brings us together, but the real treasures are the people. The characters who make life worth living and the stories worth telling.

A few favorite selections from our dives. Check out the blog for more! 

We needed an outlet to bring out the best in these narratives and display the marvels of life below the surface. Underwater.world needed ace underwater videography coupled with all the specifics required of filmmaking on terra firma. Our efforts soon evolved into a full-fledged video production house where we capture the essence of these adventures and the remarkable people who share them.

Got a story to tell? Interesting gadget? Beautiful place? Contact us!

Tom Leaird, Lifelong diver, SCUBA instructor, former director of the YMCA scuba program, and now head of Scuba Educators International tells us a few of his stories.

Stories from DEMA 2017. We talk with 37 exhibitors from the show floor at DEMA


Our Story...

It all started on a Sunday afternoon in June. Our first meeting of the Delaware Divers dive club in Muncie Indiana. We both completed our open water checkout dives the previous weekend. Our mutual Friend Tami was playing matchmaker, making sure everyone had a buddy. She paired us up and then took us on a marathon tour of Philips Outdoor Center. (No kidding. Still the fastest lap we have ever made. ) From that chance meeting in the water, has grown all of this. While we were at DEMA talking with Jim Standing, founder of Fourth Element, he grabbed our camera and wanted us to share our story! Check it out.